The Suitcase Diaries: July

Phew! I raise my head in the winter sun from a deck in Murrumbateman near ACT. I’ve had about a month since the Suitcase Cabarets at the Anywhere Theatre Festival finished. What an amazing and inspiring (and tiring!) experience! These were our shows: The Patron Saints Of Disappointment FB EVENT The Patron Saints of Disappointment […]

The Suitcase Diaries: March

I sit in the lovely studio apartment of Anita: who has gone off into the wilds of Cooma on a roadtrip of her own. She’ll be back in a few days, when I will need to perform the housesitter-confession in regards to the demise of her love fern (alas ferns are so very thirsty!) and […]

Summer is calling me

And I keep picking up, but it’s a prank caller. Late spring disguising its voice and asking if my refrigerator is running. And I can’t catch it! Melbourne doesn’t allow you to pack away your woolies in November, no way. But you have to get out your sandals and thigh-rub remedies, oh yes you do. […]

Death is really rather busy

We’ve been rehearsing and writing and photographing and playing dress ups and we’re so close to being ready to perform KICK THE BUCKET for you! We’ve just got a few more things to do, but it is very very close to being finished. It is the most complex show I’ve done to date and it’s […]

A quiet revolution

See what I mean? It’s nearing the end of February already! Festivals, celebrating, catching up with peeps, meeting new ones, getting a day job Ka boom. Summer done. I went to Melbourne’s White Night the other night. Except I went to bed at 9pm and I got up at 3.30am to skip the crowds. What […]

Songs and imaginary friends

As soon as it gets to this time of year it’s easy to feel like the year is practically over. But it’s not! It’s not, we have months and months left. But Oct is almost done and then November is always too much fun, then December is always crazy too much fun and January is […]

The Monday of the year

Don’t you think February is the Monday of the year? January, or at least the start of it, is still lazy Sunday afternoon with a G&T in your slightly sweaty palm. December is definitely Saturday, parties and families and snacks that look like you could put them on a Christmas tree and things actually on […]

Roddy Read Songwriting Comp

Ahh, High St, Northcote. Sunny and breezy with trams and people going about their day. I sit and type to you trying to avoid the glare although the warmth is welcome. Guess what??? Over the weekend I had the joy of winning the Roddy Read Songwriting competition (part of the Maldon Folk Festival) with my […]

Spring Wonder

Ok, so I wish the interwebs could bring you smell-o-vision. We have wild (or feral is probably a more accurate term) fresias out along the roadside. The smell is divine. That scent combined with the jasmine is enough to distract me from anything! That being said, I’ve got a few things on today: including finishing […]