The Monday of the year

Don’t you think February is the Monday of the year? January, or at least the start of it, is still lazy Sunday afternoon with a G&T in your slightly sweaty palm. December is definitely Saturday, parties and families and snacks that look like you could put them on a Christmas tree and things actually on the tree that you can eat (remove that shiny wrapper!).

It is SO not worth trying to do work on a Monday sometimes, with the memory of a luscious weekend freedom on your tongue. Yet I have been trying stoopidly hard to achieve something (anything, really) and getting nowhere. Until I realised it was just Monday, and that I really needn’t bother. Let’s wait ’til Tuesday, I say!

Amongst the ridiculous heat, the welcome cool changes, the bushfire alerts, my dog panting like she is going to keel over dessicated and yours truly developing a slight addiction to the True Blood box set, I am almost ready for Tuesday and what it might bring. Recording our new album has been put back a few months, but it is somewhere on the horizon beckoning lazily, sexily, to us (I reckon maybe Thursday?). Hope you’re all settling into the Year of the Horse! PS Really excited about playing with Simon Kerr from my songwriters group this month @ Club Voltaire! ox Melissa