Songs and imaginary friends

As soon as it gets to this time of year it’s easy to feel like the year is practically over. But it’s not! It’s not, we have months and months left. But Oct is almost done and then November is always too much fun, then December is always crazy too much fun and January is also always too quick fun and then BOOM it’s February. Slow down, you move too fast but how the hell do you make a moment last? You cannot, my friends. But you can write a song about it, can’t you? That is one of the most beautiful things about songs for me. They are like a diary. As soon as I revisit one (and there are hundreds in that ol’ vault) I am right back in the time and place and feeling when I wrote it. An aural scrapbook of life and imaginary friends. This year so far has brought me in song to a Bearded Lady, a young smoker, a man discovering his dead mother’s secrets, songs of death and sorrow and songs that make me laugh. One day I will share them with you. Until that day, I hope you take the time to “make the moment last” in the way you love best.