A quiet revolution

See what I mean? It’s nearing the end of February already! Festivals, celebrating, catching up with peeps, meeting new ones, getting a day job Ka boom. Summer done.
I went to Melbourne’s White Night the other night. Except I went to bed at 9pm and I got up at 3.30am to skip the crowds. What a lovely time I had frolicking from library to museum to gallery to botanic gardens! I loved being in the city by myself at that time on a Saturday night (or Sunday morning!) feeling safe and enthused and with that little tingly feeling I get when I see art and have a playful adventure going wherever I please doing whatever I please whenever I please.

 I’ve been in a reflective space musically, writing a few more introspective songs than usual. I had some friends around to play some new tunes the other night which was really great. Our back room has become a right little musical playground, what with my new term’s music workshop class every Tuesday, rehearsing and writing.

In other news, I’m supporting April Maze on the 28th Feb. They are a classic: dressing like they’re from the 70’s but with a sense of humour on them that gives them away as contemporaries. We met over bacon at the Maldon Folk Festival last year. I’ll be sharing the stage with Michael Waugh who kicked my butt in a songwriting comp a few years back (no hard feelings: his song was ace AND he was on the panel the next year when I won with “Black Silk”!) and Kate Crowley: I’ve heard great things about her, so really looking forward to it! ox