Summer is calling me

And I keep picking up, but it’s a prank caller. Late spring disguising its voice and asking if my refrigerator is running. And I can’t catch it! Melbourne doesn’t allow you to pack away your woolies in November, no way. But you have to get out your sandals and thigh-rub remedies, oh yes you do.

Stue and I are so so excited because we are playing at Woodford this year. We’re not looking forward to the lengthy  drive (or the inevitable thigh-rub) but we’re splashing out and renting a tent this time around: no 40 degree sweltering Christmas day tent erections for us this year! Due to our earlier crazy Fringe and Burning Seed madness, followed closely by day-job report-writing (me), fixing up the house (Stue), a photography job in the NT (Nicky) and a new baby (Rohan), our little duo QLD jaunt is looking more like a driving holiday and less like a music tour, although Stue and I do have a few house concert/music camp dates booked along the way. Do let us know if you’re keen to have us drop by!

Oh BTW, our Fringe show was a success! See a lovely review here. Video will be available for those of you who just couldn’t make it.
ox MM