The Birds, The Birds

When you live between a train line, a tram line and a 24-hour busy road, it is quite remarkable when you get woken up by birds. They regularly have a great time on my roof and by my window at 5am. I lie there and try and appreciate the volume of nature in an urban setting. Or just imagine having the odd pot shot with a pellet gun. Or at least giving them socks so their scuffles aren’t so loud.

 We had a great gig in Dean’s Marsh last weekend at Martian’s Cafe. It was great to see people coming out to support live music in their community athough it did make me miss living somewhere quieter. With more sky. Less traffic. Less Noisy Mynars.  Sometimes it seems in Melbourne like there are so many good things to do that you may as well do nothing, since you can’t do it all!

 Last night, though, I focused and went on a silent disco dancing tour of the city with Guru Dudu (very fun, I highy recommend!). About 30 of us donned headphones and danced around the CBD to our own soundtrack. It was interesting to be part of something that other people could see was fun, but had no clue what it was about. And incredible how easy it was to get involved, keep momentum and stay involved when there was such a big group of us having fun together. I started thinking about music and how much more fun it is out of my bedroom, playing with a band and sharing it with people like you.

So thanks a bundle for being part of our community! It totally value-adds to my experience of music-making. Our band is really starting to crank it, we’ve got a number of new songs under our belt and I am loving what transformations my songs go through in our much-fun rehearsals. I’ve got myself a part-time day-job, so I’m looking forward to what music-mayhem we can create in the full-time madness that is my life 🙂

 PS Woodford was incredible, intense and in-tents (ha!). We played to packed out shows and met some fabulous peeps. Hope to rope the full band in next time!