Spring Wonder

Ok, so I wish the interwebs could bring you smell-o-vision. We have wild (or feral is probably a more accurate term) fresias out along the roadside. The smell is divine. That scent combined with the jasmine is enough to distract me from anything! That being said, I’ve got a few things on today: including finishing a grant application for our new album (fingers crossed!), leading a jam tonight as a Musician’s Accomplice and attending the Folk Alliance Folk Conference this weekend. I’m still hugging a hot water bottle, even though the sun just came out, and I’m off to make my third cup of decaf tea with lactose free milk (I’m living the hard rock’n’roll lifestyle oh yeah).

I tell you though: these are the things I am loving at the moment: Sun, new green shoots, flowers, funny people I meet on the street, “Upper Middle Bogan” on ABC iview and how Stue made me a pretty tops omelette last night (what can’t that man do with bacon and eggs I ask you). I wrote a new Bogan love song last week somewhow incorporating most of those things :). In the next few weeks I’ll be playing with Jemma Ives (of the Girl garage band The Reprobettes) at the Thornbury Theatre and at Melbourne’s roots institution the Unpaved Sessions. It’s side-project time of year: Gid’s off being a Barbarion, Stue’s building things and Nicky’s trying to lose her Grecian tan under photography lights here in Melbs. We’ll reconvene over the summer to start making a new record! Hope your day is fabulous. ox Melissa